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Information technology is one of the leading business sectors today. Each person actively uses dozens of different services every day. The need for new affordable IT services is growing year by year. Therefore, starting a business in the IT field is a very productive decision. Many entrepreneurs are interested in how to open an IT company in 2022, avoiding typical mistakes and bureaucratic problems.

How to open an IT company?

First you need to solve a number of key issues. Your company must have a unique name. This requirement is relevant regardless of the country in which you plan to do business. If it is not fulfilled, the system will indicate plagiarism and the entrepreneur will be denied registration.

Our company performs business registration abroad on optimal terms. Professionals will analyze your company’s activities and select the state with the best conditions. At the same time, they necessarily take into account all the wishes of the customer and the peculiarities of local legislation.

How to choose a jurisdiction for an IT company?

The countries of the European Union and the USA are the most popular among those wishing to open their own business today. Each state offers its own advantages for IT companies. The entrepreneur makes the final decision, taking into account all the nuances of work and personal preferences. First, you should decide on the key features of the activity:

Operating conditions in different jurisdictions

When it comes to opening your own company in one of the EU countries, you need to take into account that investors prefer cooperation with local companies. First of all, an entrepreneur needs to know about tax rates and the availability of benefits for IT business.

Jurisdiction comparison for IT

How to open an IT company in Ukraine?

Technologies are quite widespread in Ukraine, because it is considered an IT hub. Therefore, opening should begin with thorough analysis of competitiveness and creation of unique offers.

From a legal point of view, starting a company is not difficult. It is enough to decide on the registration form. The most popular are FOP and LLC. The last option is suitable if the involvement of several founders and high turnover are expected. In this case, it is necessary to take into account the pitfalls of this form of ownership. For example, the need to create a charter and documents regulating the rights of share owners and options for exit.

Ukraine now offers a special mode of operation for Diya City IT companies. The regime provides preferential rules for the taxation of labor remuneration with personal income tax and social contribution, the possibility to choose a system of corporate taxation – ordinary income tax of 18% or tax on withdrawn capital of 9%. The main requirements: income from a qualified activity of at least 90%, no negative factors, the average number of employees and gig specialists of the company is at least 9 people, the average monthly remuneration of the employees and gig specialists of the company is at least 1,200 euros in hryvnia equivalent.

How to open your IT company easily and quickly?

The registration procedure is quite complicated and involves many nuances. Not every entrepreneur can go the entire process and to Open It Company Abroad without making mistakes. Especially if he does not have the necessary skills. The only way to simplify this procedure is to contact qualified lawyers. Our lawyers specialize in this area as well. We will carry out a thorough analysis of the planned business activity, take into account all your requirements and priorities and select the most favorable jurisdiction.

Our specialists are able to perform all the necessary actions for incorporation, in particular, prepare the relevant documents and organize the entire process. As a result, you will have a company registered under the current legislation of the chosen country, which will meet all the goals and requirements you have set.

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CountryTax rateAvailability of benefits for ITAlternative modesOpening cost
CyprusIncome tax — 12,5%. VAT — 19%. For the payment of dividends — 0%2,5% according to IP Box rules.NoAverage
BulgariaIncome tax — 10%. VAT — 20%. For the payment of dividends — 5%.NoNoBelow average
RomaniaIncome tax — 16%. VAT — 19%. For the payment of dividends — 5%.NoA preferential tax rate applies to revenues of less than 1 million euros. 1% if there are employees and 3% if there are no employees.Below average
LithuaniaIncome tax — 15%. VAT — 21%. For the payment of dividends — 5%.5% according to IP Box rules.If the annual income is less than 300,000 euros, and the number of employees does not exceed 10 people, the tax is not charged in the first year. In the future, it will be 5%.Low
LatviaTax on withdrawn capital — 20% VAT — 21%.NoNoBelow average
EstoniaTax on withdrawn capital — 20%. VAT — 20%. For the payment of dividends — 0% (but there are exceptions).NoNoAverage
PolandIncome tax — 19%. VAT — 23%. For the payment of dividends — 5% (under certain conditions).5% according to IP Box rules.For newly created companies and those with an annual turnover of less than 2 million euros, a rate of 9% is applied. The company can switch to payment of tax on withdrawn capital at the rate of 20% or 10%Average
GeorgiaTax on withdrawn capital — 15%. VAT — 18%. For the payment of dividends — 0% (under certain conditions).With the status of an international company, the income tax will be 5%. Firms with Virtual Zone status are exempt from VAT and income tax.NoAverage