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Benefits and features of the Costa Rican gambling license

While Costa Rica is a popular jurisdiction for online gambling operations, it's important to understand that there is no official gambling license offered by Costa Rica, meaning that online gambling sites based in this country are not subject to licensing, regulation, or oversight.

There is an official authorization called "data processing license" that is often considered as an analog of the standard online gambling license. Still, even holders of data processing licenses in Costa Rica are not under any formal regulatory framework.

In Costa Rica, a gambling company is essentially a corporate entity with its primary purpose defined as conducting online gambling. This setup enables operators to run online gambling activities from Costa Rica, despite the lack of a dedicated regulatory framework for online casinos and betting.

For the sake of simplicity, under “Costa Rica online gaming license” in this article, we will understand the setup which includes the incorporation of a company in Costa Rica with the receipt of the data processing license for online gambling operations.

Here are some key benefits and considerations of obtaining a gambling license in Costa Rica

1. Cost-Effectiveness

Compared to other jurisdictions, the cost of obtaining and maintaining a gambling license in Costa Rica is relatively low. This makes it an attractive option for startups and smaller operators.

2. No Specific Gambling Legislation

Costa Rica does not have specific laws governing online gambling. Instead, companies operate under a "data processing license" which is less stringent than a typical gambling license.

3. Tax Benefits

One of the major advantages is the favorable tax situation. Companies in Costa Rica enjoy low taxation, and since there is no specific gambling tax, this can be financially advantageous.

4. Privacy and Anonymity

Costa Rica is known for offering a high level of privacy and confidentiality, which can be beneficial for operators.

5. Global Reach

There are no restrictions on offering online gambling services to international markets, allowing operators to target a global audience. However, local rules of countries where the company operates, shall be taken into consideration.

6. Perception

Since the regulations in Costa Rica are less stringent, some players and business partners may perceive Costa Rican-licensed casinos as less trustworthy compared to those licensed in stricter jurisdictions.

7. Banking and Payment Processing

The lack of specific gambling legislation can sometimes make banking and payment processing more challenging.

InteliumLaw's Costa Rica Gaming License Services

At Inteliumlaw, we specialize in guiding businesses through the establishment of online gambling operations in Costa Rica. Our services encompass company formation and registration, ensuring compliance with Costa Rica's unique legal framework. We provide expert advice on legal compliance, banking, and crypto solutions available to gambling companies in Costa Rica, ongoing support in navigating Costa Rican laws, along with risk management and adherence to international standards.

Costa Rica gambling license requirements

In general, there a no specific requirements to incorporate a company with a data processing license in Costa Rica. You will only have to provide some KYC documentation such as a passport, proof of address, source of funds confirmation, etc. to setup a company and receive a license.

Costa Rica Gambling License Process

The process of setting up an online gambling operation in Costa Rica, while not involving a traditional gambling license, does require a series of steps to legally operate under the framework of a "data processing license". Here's a general overview of the process:

1. Company Incorporation

The first step is to incorporate a company in Costa Rica, as this entity will be used to conduct the online gambling operations. This process involves registering the company with the appropriate Costa Rican authorities, which requires various legal documents and may involve legal assistance.

2. Obtaining a Data Processing License

Although not a gambling license per se, a data processing license is necessary for online gambling activities. The process involves applying to the Costa Rican government. This application typically includes details about the company, its owners, and the nature of the data processing (i.e., online gambling).

3. Opening a Corporate Account

You will need to open an account (fiat, or, more often, crypto) for your company. This step can be challenging due to the nature of the business and may require finding a bank that accepts online gambling-related businesses.

4. Payment Processing Solutions

Due to the nature of the business and the lack of a specific gambling regulatory framework, finding payment processing solutions can be challenging. Often, companies opt for cryptocurrencies or other alternative payment methods.

How long does it take to obtain a Costa Rica gambling license?

The entire procedure, from inception to completion, typically spans from 2 to 6 weeks.

Costa Rica Gaming License Cost

Due to the absence of a regulatory framework for online gambling in Costa Rica and the lack of a formal online gambling license, the Costa Rica gaming license cost is significantly lower compared to jurisdictions that mandate an online gambling license. If you have a question “How much does it cost to get a casino license in Costa Rica?”, please contact us to receive the most up-to-date pricing information.

Costa Rica gambling license fees and taxes

As there is no formal Costa Rica casino license, no license fees are due from the gambling business in Costa Rica. Also, a Costa Rica-based gambling company is not subject to tax on its revenue. This is because the revenue is generated externally, not within Costa Rica, leading to the non-imposition of taxes by the authorities on such companies. In general, you will have to pay only annual fees related to the company’s maintenance.

Additional Services

Except for assistance with Costa Rica online gambling license and associated matters, we could help you to obtain a license in other jurisdictions such as Curacao, Anjouan, and Isle of Man. In addition, we provide a broad range of other business legal services such as assistance with bank accounts opening, incorporation of companies etc.


Does my business need a gambling license in Costa Rica?

In Costa Rica, there is no specific "gambling license" for online gambling businesses. Instead, companies in this industry typically operate under a "data processing license." While this license does not specifically pertain to gambling, it is the closest equivalent and is widely used by online gambling companies operating in Costa Rica, especially startups.

What documentation is needed for a Costa Rica Gaming License application?

KYC documentation of the owners and directors such as passport, proof of address, source of funds confirmation, etc. The full list is available upon request.

How can InteliumLaw assist with the renewal of a Costa Rica Gaming License?

InteliumLaw can assist in renewing a data processing license for online gambling by reviewing and updating documentation, handling the renewal application and communicating with local authorities.

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