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Why Choose Tobique for Gambling License?

The Tobique First Nation, located in New Brunswick, Canada, is a sovereign Indigenous territory. Tobique is governed by an elected leader and council, overseeing areas such as education, health, housing, and economic development.

In 2023, the Tobique First Nation established the Tobique Gambling Commission (TGC) to regulate all gambling activities, including land-based and online operations, within its territory. The TGC aims to ensure a safe gambling environment by enforcing regulations and protecting players. It offers various licenses for remote gaming, casino and sports betting software, and service provider status, covering a wide array of online gambling activities. The TGC license appeals to online gambling operators for its straightforward licensing process and expanding list of accepted countries.

Benefits of the Tobique Gaming License

Efficient corporation taxation options

A Tobique online gambling license provides the benefit of establishing companies in areas that impose no corporate or income taxes.

Fast licensing process

The licensing process within Tobique is both rapid and efficient, allowing for the quick setup of new companies and acquisition of licenses within weeks.

No special gambling taxes and low license fee

The licensing fees in Tobique are notably lower compared to other regions. Instead of a revenue percentage, operators only pay an annual renewal fee, making the Tobique license more manageable and economically advantageous.

Excellent coverage

Tobique's licensing extends to an increasingly broad range of countries, enhancing market access and business opportunities, though it excludes the US, UK, Province of New Brunswick, Ontario, and countries listed by the Financial Action Task Force (North Korea, Iran, and Myanmar).

In terms of the allowed licensed activities, the Tobique gambling license provides broad and inclusive access for businesses to participate in a wide variety of online gaming activities. This license grants operators the versatility to operate online casinos, engage in sports betting, run lottery operations, and offer a multitude of table games including poker, blackjack, baccarat, among others. It also encompasses additional games of chance, offering a thorough and adaptable framework for operators to delve into different aspects of the gaming industry.

Tobique gambling license requirements

To secure a Tobique online gambling license, applicants must meet a comprehensive set of criteria designed to ensure the integrity and financial stability of online gambling operations. Key requirements include:

Experience and reputation

All company beneficiaries and the director must have an unblemished reputation, evidenced by the absence of any criminal record. Applicants must demonstrate their experience and qualifications in the online gambling industry, showcasing their ability to operate responsibly and successfully.

Financial resources

Demonstrating sufficient financial resources is crucial, with a bank statement or other source of funds document serving as evidence of the project’s financial health.

Valid corporate and personal documents

An applicant must provide necessary personal documents (for shareholders, beneficial owners and directors) as well as corporate documents for the company applying for the license.

Software Certification

For software providers creating games for operators, obtaining certification from recognized bodies such as iTechLabs, GLI, and BMM Testlabs is essential.

Website Compliance

A functional and compliant website is mandatory by the end of the licensing process. Support is available to ensure that applicants meet this requirement, ensuring a smooth transition to operational status.

Internal policies

An applicant must ensure the availability of different internal policies such as AML, responsible gaming, privacy, and anti-fraud policies.

Tobique Gambling License Process

The process of obtaining a Tobique gambling license usually encompasses several key steps to ensure that applicants meet the stringent requirements for operating online gambling platform. While specific details can vary, a general outline of the process is as follows:

Preparation and Submission of Documentation

Applicants must gather and submit a comprehensive set of documents, which typically includes proof of identity, proof of residency, criminal background checks for all company officers and directors, and financial statements to demonstrate the financial stability of the business. Documents proving the experience and qualifications in the online gambling industry, as well as certifications for software used in gambling operations, are also required.

Application for a Gaming License

The initial step involves filling out and submitting a detailed application form to the Tobique regulatory authority responsible for gambling licenses.

Due Diligence and Background Checks

Following the submission, a thorough review process begins, where the regulatory authority conducts background checks on all key personnel associated with the gambling operation. This is to ensure they have a clean criminal record and a reputable standing, which is crucial for maintaining the integrity of the gambling industry in Tobique.

License Issuance

Upon successful completion of all prior steps and approval of the application, the Tobique gambling license is issued. This allows the operator to legally conduct online gambling activities within the framework and regulations established by the Tobique regulatory authority.

Operational and Compliance Monitoring

Even after the license is granted, operators are subject to ongoing monitoring to ensure continuous compliance with regulatory requirements, including financial audits and operational reviews.

Legal and Regulatory Compliance

Legal and regulatory compliance for licensed online gambling operators in Tobique involves adhering to a broad spectrum of regulations set by the local gambling authority to ensure operational integrity, player protection, and financial stability. Operators are required to use certified software, offer fair games, and implement responsible gambling measures such as age and identity verification to prevent underage gambling. They must also protect player data, adhere to anti-money laundering protocols, conduct ethical marketing etc. Adhering to the specific conditions of their gambling license, including the payment of fees and cooperation with regulatory oversight, is fundamental. Compliance in these areas is dynamic, necessitating ongoing engagement with legal and regulatory updates to avoid penalties like fines or license revocation, thereby ensuring the operator's continued legitimacy and success in Tobique's online gambling sector.

Obtaining a gambling license with InteliumLaw

Obtaining a gambling license in Tobique with InteliumLaw provides a seamless, end-to-end solution for businesses aiming to enter the online gaming market. InteliumLaw's services begin with advising clients on the optimal jurisdiction for company incorporation, crucial for meeting the specific regulatory and tax requirements of a Tobique gambling license. Our expert team then guides clients through the entire application process, preparing necessary documentation and acting as a liaison with the regulatory authorities to ensure compliance and efficiency. Following the successful acquisition of the license, we continue to offer invaluable support, helping clients navigate the complexities of maintaining regulatory compliance and adapting to legal changes.

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How long does it typically take to acquire a Tobique Gambling License?

The company which will act as an online gambling operator can be incorporated during two weeks, while the license can be issued as fast as within four weeks after submission of the application with all necessary documentation.

What types of gambling activities are permitted under a Tobique Gambling License?

The Tobique gaming license offers a comprehensive scope of permitted operations, enabling businesses to explore an extensive range of online gaming ventures. This license allows for the operation of online casinos, involvement in sports betting, management of lottery schemes, and provision of numerous table games such as poker, blackjack, and baccarat, among others. Moreover, it includes a variety of other chance-based games, presenting a flexible and detailed structure for operators to investigate various facets of the gaming sector.

How often does a Tobique Gambling License need to be renewed?

The license is valid for 1 year and should be renewed on an annual basis.

How much does a Tobique gaming license cost?

Tobique gaming license cost itself is ca. EUR 40 000 for the application, issuance, and the first year of maintenance. However, you need to consider also additional costs such as expenses related to the company’s registration (price may vary depending on the chosen jurisdiction), legal fees, etc.

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Moheli Gaming License

Potential opportunities of the Moheli gaming industry The digital gaming sector, renowned globally for its captivating experiences for players and promising opportunities for profitability, has seen rapid expansion, drawing enterprises to Moheli (Mwali) in the Comoros archipelago. This island is increasingly attractive to those in the industry for its commitment to facilitating online gaming ventures with its flexible and efficient regulatory framework in a setting that offers tax benefits. Mwali gambling license overview Issued by Moheli Corporate Services under the oversight of the Moheli Offshore Finance Authority, the Mwali gaming license enables businesses to legally operate online gaming and betting platforms. A distinctive feature of this license is the allowance for operating multiple brands across various websites. Benefits of obtaining a gaming license in Moheli The advantages of engaging in the gaming industry within this framework are manifold, offering businesses a robust platform for growth and profitability: Tax Exemption A key benefit is the tax-free status, substantially increasing profitability by minimizing the financial burden of taxes on operations. Brand Diversity and Worldwide Coverage The ability to operate under multiple brands provides businesses the flexibility to offer a wide array of gaming experiences. This diversification strategy enables targeting various customer segments and preferences, enhancing market penetration and player engagement. Since Mwali is an offshore jurisdiction and a tax-free zone, its licenses allow clients to operate businesses and activities internationally, i.e. in any other country in the world except Mwali itself. Supportive and Soft Regulatory Framework The regulatory environment is designed to be conducive to business growth and innovation. It offers a stable yet flexible legal structure that encourages the development of new gaming models and technologies while ensuring fair play and industry integrity. This balance promotes a dynamic gaming ecosystem that is attractive to both operators and consumers. Rapid Licensing Process The efficiency of the licensing procedure allows for a swift market entry, reducing the gap between application and operational launch. This speed facilitates taking advantage of market opportunities promptly and securing a competitive stance. How InteliumLaw can help you get a Moheli Gaming license InteliumLaw can play a pivotal role in guiding international businesses through the intricacies of obtaining a Moheli Gaming license, leveraging their expertise and experience in the gaming and legal sectors. The firm’s approach encompasses a comprehensive suite of services tailored to navigate the regulatory landscape efficiently. By offering personalized legal advice, we ensure that clients understand the jurisdictional requirements and compliance standards essential for a successful license application. From the initial stages, we assist in preparing and compiling the necessary documentation. Our deep understanding of the Moheli regulatory environment enables us to streamline the application process, mitigating potential hurdles and facilitating a smoother progression toward license acquisition. Moheli Gaming License Process The Moheli gaming license application involves a series of key steps designed to ensure compliance with the jurisdiction’s regulatory standards: Company Formation The first step is to incorporate a legal entity in Moheli by registering your company and providing necessary details like directors and shareholders in compliance with local laws. Application Preparation and Document Submission An application together with required documents such as proof of domain ownership, personal documents for directors and shareholders (passports, bank statements, utility bills) and corporate documents of the newly established company must be submitted. Fee Payment Alongside the application’s submission, an applicant must pay the licensing and application fees, which vary based on the gaming operation’s specifics. Background Checks and Due Diligence Moheli’s regulatory authorities will conduct thorough checks on all key personnel to assess their integrity and financial stability. License Issuance Upon successful completion of checks and fee payment, the gaming license is issued, authorizing the company to operate within the regulatory framework. Ongoing Compliance Maintain the license by adhering to continuous regulatory requirements, including keeping up-to-date records of gaming activities and financial reporting. However, the level of compliance is rather soft compared to the other licensing jurisdictions. Mwali Gaming License requirements The Mwali Gaming License requirements aim to ensure that operators adhere to a strict regulatory framework, promoting fair and secure online gaming environments. Company in Moheli Operators must establish a registered company in Moheli to be eligible for the gaming license. It is not possible to obtain a license using an overseas company. Application Submission Operators need to provide detailed application materials, which include financial forecasts, business strategies, and the personal details of company owners and main executives. Background Verification A thorough background check, known as a fit and proper test, is compulsory for owners and key staff to prove they are eligible to run a licensed online gambling business. Compliance with AML/CFT Standards It’s essential to follow Anti-Money Laundering and Counter-Financing of Terrorism regulations. Payment of License Fees Operators must cover all necessary licensing fees, including application fees, annual dues, and any other relevant expenses. Ready to Start Your Gaming Business in Moheli? Contact InteliumLaw to receive initial advice and a tailored offer! Leave Us A Message And we wil get back to you Contact Us FAQ What is a Mwali Gaming License, and why is it necessary? A Mwali (or Moheli) Gaming License is a permit issued by Mwali authorities allowing businesses to legally offer online gambling services; it’s necessary for legal operation and credibility in the online gaming industry How long does it typically take to acquire a gaming license? The time to acquire a gambling license in Moheli can vary, but it typically takes from one to three weeks from the application’s submission to approval. What documents are required for the application process? Required documents for the application process usually include personal documents of the shareholders/beneficiaries and directors (passports, bank statements, utility bills) and corporate documents of a Moheli company. What are the associated costs and fees for obtaining a Moheli Gaming License? The costs and fees for obtaining a gambling license in Moheli include application fees, annual licensing fees, and additional costs related to compliance and legal advisory services. What types of gaming activities are permitted under the license? The license

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Crypto License in Bulgaria

For an extended period, Bulgaria has maintained a cautious stance towards cryptocurrencies, lacking specific regulations or extensive discussions about their status. The Bulgarian National Bank (“BNB”) and the Bulgarian Financial Supervision Commission (“FSC””) have yet to classify cryptocurrencies as financial instruments or electronic money, allowing them to remain unregulated and not deemed illegal. The lack of a defined regulatory framework has led to no special licensing regime for establishing a crypto asset entity in Bulgaria. Thus, the widely used term “crypto license in Bulgaria” refers to an additional registration requirement with the National Revenue Agency (“NRA”) in Bulgaria, rather than a distinct licensing process. This registration enables entities to engage in various crypto-related activities, including cryptocurrency exchange, custody services, wallet provision, crypto payment services, and crypto advisory services given a way for a “Bulgarian crypto license” in the industry. Bulgaria’s regulatory approach to cryptocurrencies has largely followed the guidance of the European Central Bank. The BNB expressed concerns about the inherent risks of buying virtual currencies in 2018, highlighting their extreme price volatility and potential pricing bubbles. The FSC echoed these sentiments in 2022, issuing warnings about the volatility and unregulated nature of crypto investment funds. Despite the absence of specific regulations, cryptocurrencies in Bulgaria are indirectly regulated by measures aimed at preventing money laundering. In 2019-2020 the Measures Against Money Laundering Act in Bulgaria (or well-known “MAMLA”, in Bulgarian “Закон за мерките срещу изпирането на пари”) introduced the first legal definition of cryptocurrencies in Bulgarian legislation. It defines “virtual currencies” as digital representations of value accepted by individuals or entities as a medium of exchange, without being issued or guaranteed by a central bank or public body. Based on the 5th Money Laundering Directive (Directive (EU) 2015/849) MAMLA also implemented the definition of “wallet provider, offering custodial services” is defined as “a natural or legal person, or other legal entity, providing services for the protection of private cryptographic keys on behalf of its clients for owning, storing and transferring virtual currencies” Further referring to these concepts the Additional Provisions of Ordinance No. Н-9 of 7 August 2020 in Bulgaria, established requirements to crypto-asset exchanges and custodial wallet providers to register in a public register maintained by the NRA in Bulgaria. This created a so-called “cryptocurrency license in Bulgaria”. Upon registration, companies receive a crypto-certificate or crypto-license, the only state-issued document allowing them to provide crypto-related services. In summary, Bulgaria’s regulatory landscape for cryptocurrencies remains open, recently a registration process replaces a formal licensing regime. The position on unregulated status of cryptocurrency activity is confirmed in court practice and opinions of BNB and FSC in Bulgaria. There are no specific crypto-currency or fintech law that regulated this shpere. The country’s approach aligns with preventing money laundering, ensuring transparency, and promoting responsible crypto-related activities. It is expected that in its further movements towards “crypto license in Bulgaria” regulation the country will mainly follow European Union approach. Advantages of Bulgaria Crypto License Bulgaria crypto license has several advantages, few of which are listed below. EU Location: Bulgaria’s strategic location within the European Union provides businesses with access to the EU market, fostering international credibility. Ease of Setup and Obtaining License: The process of a crypto company formation in Bulgaria is quick and easy, as well as obtaining a crypto license in Bulgaria is relatively straightforward compared to some other jurisdictions, promoting a hassle-free experience for businesses. Flexible Regulatory Environment: Bulgaria’s crypto regulatory environment is less stringent compared to some EU counterparts, offering businesses flexibility in their operations as holders of so-called “Cryptocurrency license” in Bulgaria. Competitive Tax Rates: Bulgaria maintains a relatively low tax rate, enhancing the financial attractiveness of operating a crypto business in the country. Favorable Business Environment: The country’s overall business environment is conducive to growth, with supportive policies and a commitment to fostering economic development. Currency Stability: Bulgaria’s adherence to the currency board arrangement and its use of the Bulgarian lev (BGN) contribute to a stable economic environment for crypto businesses. Cost-Effective Operations: Operating costs in Bulgaria, including a crypto company setup in Bulgaria, as well as a crypto license Bulgaria obtaining, labor and infrastructure, can be more cost-effective compared to some other EU countries. Skilled Workforce: Bulgaria boasts a skilled workforce, offering expertise in various fields, including technology and finance, to support crypto-related ventures. Innovative Ecosystem: The country is fostering an environment that encourages innovation, with a growing ecosystem of tech startups and businesses. These advantages collectively position Bulgaria as an appealing destination for obtaining a Bulgarian crypto license, attracting businesses seeking a conducive and cost-effective environment for their crypto-related operations. Types of Cryptocurrency Licenses in Bulgaria Despite the fact that crypto activity is not specifically regulated in Bulgaria, there might be situations when certain part of crypto activity falls under the existing licensing rules. Therefore, we could conditionally divide the following types of cryptocurrency licenses in Bulgaria: I. Registration with National Revenue Agency (NRA): Authorized Activities: A registration with the National Revenue Agency in Bulgaria grants entities the authority to engage in various crypto-related activities. These activities include cryptocurrency exchange, custody services, wallet provision, crypto payment services, and crypto advisory services. Applicability: This option is suitable for businesses primarily involved in cryptocurrency activities that do not fall under the categorization of financial services or financial instruments. II. Financial Services Commission (FSC) License: Scope of Financial Services: If the crypto-related activities potentially qualify as financial services or be categorized as related to financial instruments, a license from the Financial Services Commission (FSC) might be required. Investment Firm License: Services related to crypto-assets, particularly those that can be considered financial instruments, may necessitate obtaining an investment firm license under the Markets in Financial Instruments Directive II (MiFID II), transposed in Bulgaria as the Markets in Financial Instruments Act. Application of EU Financial Rules: According to the European Securities and Markets Authority (ESMA), when crypto assets qualify as financial instruments, various EU financial rules, including the Prospectus Directive, the Transparency Directive, the Market Abuse Directive, the Short Selling

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Anjouan Gaming License

Benefits of Anjouan Gaming License The Anjouan gaming licence, issued by the Autonomous Island of Anjouan, part of the Union of Comoros, offers several benefits for online gaming businesses. Here are some key advantages: Low Cost The cost of obtaining and maintaining an Anjouan gaming license is generally lower compared to many other jurisdictions. This makes it an attractive option for startups and smaller enterprises. Tax Benefits Anjouan offers favorable tax conditions for licensed gaming companies. The zero tax rates can significantly reduce the operational costs for these businesses. Simplified Legal Requirements The process of obtaining a gaming license in Anjouan is relatively straightforward and less cumbersome. The regulatory requirements are simpler, making it easier for businesses to comply. Privacy Protection Anjouan has strong privacy laws, which can be beneficial for businesses and their clients, offering a degree of confidentiality that might not be available in other jurisdictions. Global Operation A license from Anjouan allows companies to operate globally, with some exceptions. This international scope can be a significant advantage for businesses looking to reach a wide audience. No Gaming Tax Unlike some jurisdictions, Anjouan does not impose a gaming tax on its licensees, which can lead to substantial savings. Supportive Regulatory Environment The Anjouan government is known to be supportive of the online gaming industry, providing a stable and supportive environment for businesses. Universal license An Anjouan gaming licence provides comprehensive coverage for various online gambling activities. This includes the operation of online casinos, sports betting platforms, lottery games, and popular table games such as poker, blackjack, and baccarat. The license broadly covers most games of chance with few exceptions. Additionally, this license caters to both business-to-consumer (B2C) and business-to-business (B2B) models. It’s versatile enough for operators running online casinos directly for players, as well as those looking to license a casino platform for other businesses. It’s important to note that while there are benefits, companies should also be aware of the legal and regulatory implications of operating under an Anjouan gaming licence, especially considering the varied and sometimes strict gaming regulations in different countries. Compliance with international gaming laws and maintaining a good reputation should be a priority for any gaming business. Comparison of the Anjouana Gambling License with other jurisdictions Comparing the gambling license in Anjouan with those from other jurisdictions like Curacao and Malta can provide a clearer understanding of their differences, particularly in terms of reputation, cost, and regulatory requirements: 1. Reputation and Credibility: Anjouan: Generally considered less prestigious than Malta, Anjouan’s gaming license is still establishing its reputation in the global market. Curacao: Holds a moderate reputation; known for being a popular and accessible licensing jurisdiction for many online gaming businesses. Malta: Highly reputable and one of the most recognized and respected licensing jurisdictions in the world, particularly within the European Union. 2. Cost and Taxation: Anjouan: Offers low-cost licensing and maintenance fees, making it attractive for startups and smaller operations. Tax rates are also favorable. Cheaper than Curacao. Curacao: Known for its affordable licensing fees and low taxation, appealing to many online gaming startups. Malta: Typically involves higher costs for licensing and operation. However, its strong reputation can justify these expenses for larger or more established companies. 3. Regulatory Requirements and Compliance: Anjouan: Has simpler, less stringent regulatory requirements, making it easier for businesses to obtain and maintain their licenses. Curacao: Offers a relatively straightforward licensing process with low-to-moderate regulatory demands. Malta: Known for its rigorous regulatory framework, demanding high standards of compliance, transparency, and player protection. This can mean more complex and costly compliance procedures. 4. Scope of Activities and Global Reach: Anjouan: Allows for a wide range of online gaming activities under one license, with global operation potential. Curacao: Also permits a broad spectrum of gaming activities and has a good global reach. Malta: Provides a highly respected license that is recognized worldwide, particularly advantageous for companies targeting European markets. A license for each type of activity is needed. 5. Target Markets: Anjouan: Suitable for businesses targeting international markets, especially where cost-effectiveness is key. Curacao: Often chosen by startups and companies targeting diverse international markets. Malta: Ideal for businesses targeting European customers and those seeking a prestigious licensing jurisdiction. InteliumLaw Services for Anjouan Gaming License 1. Initial Preliminary Advice: Via this advice, we will help you understand whether gambling license in Anjouan will suit your business needs 2. Turnkey License Obtaining: We provide guidance through the entire process of applying for the Anjouan gaming license, including incorporation of a company, and preparation and submission of necessary documents. 3. Regulatory Compliance Advice: We can provide expert advice on meeting the regulatory requirements of the Anjouan gaming authority, ensuring the business remains compliant with local laws and international standards. 4. Corporate Structuring and Incorporation: We provide assistance with setting up the appropriate corporate structure covering Anjouan licensed company and other companies if needed. 5. Banking and Payment Solutions: We are able to advise you on banking and payment processing options in Anjouan, including setting up merchant accounts and ensuring compliance with financial regulations. 6. Ongoing Legal Support: InteliumLaw can provide ongoing legal support to address any issues related to the gaming license, including renewals, compliance updates, and changes in legislation. 7. Tax Planning and Advice: Our services include guidance on tax planning strategies to optimize the financial benefits of operating under an Anjouan gaming license. Requirements for the Anjouan Gaming License Before being granted an Anjouan gaming licence, authorities require detailed personal and financial information. This includes your identity, business intentions, residence, financial status, and more. A comprehensive background check is also necessary to verify your good moral standing. Among other, the following documents are required (the list below covers shareholders, directors and the new company itself): Notarized copy of the photo and signature pages from a valid passport. Recent utility bill for address verification. CV. An original bank reference letter, demonstrating a banking relationship of at least 2 years. A bank statement is also acceptable. Original letter of recommendation (reference letter)

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