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The activities of any company must comply with the current legislation. It is difficult to imagine all processes without legal business support. The specialists of Intellium Law know all the peculiarities of work and legal regulation of various areas of business and have extensive experience in legal support of IT, gambling, e-commerce, cryptocurrency business, production, trade, restaurant business, telecommunications business, investment business, real estate business and other areas. This allows our specialists to provide high-quality business legal support services to companies of any size and form of ownership.

Legal support and business protection: what is it?

Complex legal support of business involves a whole series of measures aimed at supporting business in compliance with the necessary regulations. It also allows you to prevent and reduce legal and tax risks, protect the capital and interests of the owners of the company/group.

The procedure involves legal management of operational activities, verification of counterparties, agreements and documentation. By agreement, legal support may include participation in the company’s litigation, which, in most cases, is not included in the usual package.

Many business owners prefer to have an in-house lawyer. But subscription legal business support from law firms offers more advantages. Here are the most famous of them:

Cost reduction. Usually, the services of a third-party firm are cheaper than paying the salary of an in-house lawyer on an ongoing basis.

Collective support. One specialist will not be able to perfectly understand all the nuances of each process. A team of professionals will cope with any tasks much better.

Diligence. One lawyer cannot always cope with a high workload and keep track of all changes in legislation.

Speed. The team will be able to cope with a much larger volume of work in a shorter period of time than one specialist.

Quality. Usually, in law firms, any task goes through several levels of review from a junior to a senior specialist and final approval by partners.

In what cases are business legal support services required?

Running a business without subscription legal service and support is a very risky activity. After all, the company carries out activities with a constant risk of violating the current law and is legally unprotected. Therefore, it should be emphasized that legal support of small businesses, medium and large enterprises is a daily necessity.

The service of legal support for business purchase and sale agreements and investment projects is also very popular. In this case, the buyer has confidence that the company’s activities comply with the current laws and the criteria stated by the seller, and that the investment asset is properly registered and will not create any legal/tax risks for the investor.

What does business legal support involve?

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