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At IntelliumLaw, our team helps investors register a company in Dubai. Through our partnership, you gain access to the city’s lucrative benefits, such as tax breaks, advanced infrastructure, and a doorway to the international market. Our technique involves personalized support, guiding you seamlessly from initial consultation to successful setup.

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Why choose company registration in Dubai, UAE

Company registration in Dubai, UAE, places you in a key global investment region. Dubai's mixed economy and strategic location provide a platform where all the continents to link. The city offers a tax-efficient framework. This includes zero personal income taxes, free trade areas with benefits like full foreign ownership, and zero corporate earnings tax.

Moreover, Dubai has advanced logistics and technology to help your business grow. Its location connects you to big markets in the Middle East, Africa, and Asia. It is great for new and growing businesses, providing support, information, and a diverse platform to expand your business.

Benefits of company setup in Dubai, UAE

Strategic Location

Dubai's location is key to its appeal. It connects markets in Europe, Asia, and Africa. Investors find themselves within an eight-hour flight of a market comprising almost 2 billion people.

Government Initiatives

The United Arab Emirates Government vigorously endorses business growth for investors. It offers attractive incentives like free trade regions in which startups can have 100% ownership. There are also benefits like zero taxes and exemptions from customs duties.

World-Class Infrastructure and Diverse Culture

The Pearl of the Middle East is a futuristic metropolis. It has state-of-the-art facilities and excellent telecommunications services to help investors thrive.

Company formation services in Dubai, UAE, from InteliumLaw

Our agents at IntelliumLaw walk with you through the journey of the Dubai company registration process. They provide investors with expert guidance and support, such as:

Legal Expertise

We know the legal system and how to establish a company in Dubai. Our team will help you navigate the system so that you fulfill the requirements.

Tailored Solutions

In Dubai, foreigners can start mainland, free trade, or offshore companies. Recognizing every business is different, our team offers tailored services for investors from all sectors.

Comprehensive Support

Beyond Dubai Company formation, InteliumLaw offers extra services to support businesses and investors throughout their journey in this vibrant metropolis. This includes assisting with visa processing, contract drafting, opening bank accounts, and providing investors with comprehensive services at every step.

Options for starting a business in Dubai

There are many options for UAE company registration. Each is designed to serve different business preferences and objectives. Here are some of the main options for company formation in Dubai:

Business formation on the mainland

Establishing a mainland enterprise affords you many opportunities. Among other, you can conduct business anywhere in the United Arab Emirates and engage in various commercial services throughout the region. In most cases, mainland companies need a local partner who must be a UAE national or business and have a minimum of 51% ownership. There must also be legal structures and agreements to protect both parties' interests. This condition could be waived depending on whether a business activity qualifies for 100% ownership by foreign investors in UAE.

Business incorporation in a free zone

Free zones in the Emirates hub provide attractive incentives for businesses. These include 100% foreign ownership and tax exemptions. Each free trade zone focuses on specific industries. The industries vary but typically include technology, media, finance, logistics, and services.

Offshore Business Formation

In UAE, investors from across the globe could also establishing offshore entities. They allow to conduct business outside UAE while having the registration with UAE authorities. These can be located inside the famous Jebel Ali free trade zone Authority, Offshore or the acclaimed Ras Al Khaimah International Corporate Centre, Ajman Free Zone. These businesses are used for asset protection, tax breaks, and holding investments. Investors of these companies are not eligible for visa. These companies are provided with the certificate of incorporation and not the traditional business license

Company Registration Process in UAE

The process to register a company in UAE varies by business type and location choice. Here are the general steps for UAE company registration:

Determine the Type of Organization

Decide whether you want your startup to be in the mainland, free trade area, or offshore.

Choose a Business Venture

Establish which specific services your business will be involved in and ensure they follow United Arab Emirates laws. Some services require more authorization processes or licenses from local regulatory authorities.

Select a Business Name

Choose a unique name for your business that complies with the naming requirements specified by the UAE authorities.

Prepare Legal Documents

Prepare the legal documents needed for the Dubai company setup. These include the memorandum and articles of association, shareholder agreements (if required), initial approvals, and other relevant papers.

Finalize Legal Formalities

Complete any extra-legal processes. This includes signing documents in front of a notary, getting attestation (if required), and submitting applications. You also have to pay authorization fees, permits, and other trade or commercial charges. If needed, start the process of getting employee residency visas.

Compliance Requirements

Ensure compliance with ongoing regulations and laws. This includes filing annual reports, renewing licenses, and keeping corporate records.

Costs of company creation in Dubai

There are plenty of factors determining the cost of registering a business in Dubai. The factors include the type of venture, region (mainland, free zone, or offshore), business activities, agents used, and extra services required. Registering a company in Dubai is straightforward, with no hidden costs. We divide these costs into the following categories:

Certain business activities and services need the concerned authorities to approve and clear more paperwork for them. InteliumLaw offers affordable Dubai company setup packages for executing services related to Dubai company incorporation.

Setting up a company in Dubai costs average between AED 25,000 and AED 29,000. That is for civil corporations with a virtual office and a one-year trade license.

Some of the regular costs associated with company registration in Dubai include:

Working with experienced business consultants, like InteliumLaw can help you understand the costs of setting up a business in Dubai. It can also help you ensure compliance with local authorities.

Required Documents for Dubai Company Creation

The required documents vary based on the type of business and local authorities. Below is a standard list of the documents required from foreign investors for company registration in UAE:

Mainland Companies:

Free Zone Businesses

The required documents for company formation in the UAE free trade regions are similar to those of mainland businesses. But, they may vary by free zone area.

Offshore Companies:

The list above may be incomplete. Investors may need to provide more documents based on the specific circumstances of the company formation process in the UAE.

Online Company Creation Process

Online company registration in Dubai is convenient for investors. They can do it from home. IntelliumLaw agents, known for their renowned company formation services in Dubai, make the process a breeze.

Contact Intelium for consultation on the UAE company formation services online application and bank application.

Types of Legal Entities for Company Formation in UAE

We have various options for legal entities for setting up a company in Dubai. Each has its characteristics, services, advantages, and legal requirements. Here are the main types:

Limited Liability Company

Limited Liability Companies are the most common type of business entity in the mainland United Arabs Emirates. They need a minimum of two and at most 50 shareholders (investors or corporate entities). Each shareholder is liable only for their stocks in the business.

Limited Liability Companies can engage in various business activities and services. In many cases they must have a minimum of one United Arab Emirates national shareholder. The shareholder must own a minimum of 51% of the enterprise. However, deviation from this rule is possible.

Free Zone Companies

Free Trade Zone companies operate within specific economic zones designated by the United Arab Emirates government. They create an economic landscape that attracts foreign direct investment by passing laws that promote investor confidence such as 100% foreign control, tax-free breaks, and simple and digitized business setup processes.

Offshore Company

Offshore companies in Dubai are setup in offshore authorities such as Jebel Ali free trade City Authority, Ras Al Khaimah, and the Ajman Free Zone. These businesses protect assets, plan taxes, and hold investments outside the UAE. In the City of Gold, investors do not pay corporate and income taxes for offshore companies. Foreigners also own 100% of their companies.

Corporate Tax and Compliance in Dubai

In general, UAE tax system supports businesses. Startups are not subjected to any federal or income tax payments. Businesses should comply with legal regulations such as:

Dubai free trade zones Overview

The city has several free trade areas that aim to attract foreign investment, promote growth, and ease trade.

Dubai's free trade zones cater to many industries and services. These technologically advanced hotspots are designed to specialize in different sectors. Examples of the commercial hubs include the Dubai Multi Commodities Centre and Silicon Oasis. More tech-advanced hotspots are the Internet City, Media City, and the Healthcare city.

100% Foreign Ownership: Investors are mainly attracted by the policies that allow them foreign ownership.

The free trade zones offer zero corporate tax and duty exemptions. These exemptions cover imported raw materials and equipment. There is no levy on exports and imports.

Many of the free trade zones are near significant transport hubs. These hubs include airports, seaports, and highways to provide access to various markets. They expose you to international trade routes.


Can a foreigner start a company in Dubai?

Dubai has come up with many policies that support foreigners owning their companies. The foreigner can set up a company in Dubai. The available types are free zone company. For Mainland company the activity should be analyzed to identify whether 100% foreign ownership is possible.

How can I check a company in Dubai?

You can use services from The Ministry of Economy, the National Economic Register, and the Unified Commercial Registration System.

Is UAE good for starting a business?

UAE has a business environment suitable for foreigners who want to setup their startups. This is due to its location, distribution networks, and incentives. These include 100% non-domestic proprietorship and tax breaks.

What is the difference between establishment and company in UAE?

A sole proprietorship is owned by a single individual and cannot offer real estate or trading services. In contracts to that, there is no limit on the number of investors in an Limited Liability Company, as well as their services.

How long does it take to establish a company in UAE?

The average time is two weeks. A conventional business can take longer due to the varying services required. Note that for some industries, this time is longer, even reaching months.

Can you own 100% of a company in UAE?

Yes, In the United Arab Emirates, the companies registered in free zones and offshore companies could be fully investor-owned, even in case it is non-resident investor. For mainland companies such possibility also exists.

What are the restrictions on doing business in the United Arab Emirates?

The UAE offers many investment benefits. However, there are a few restrictions. For example, foreigners must follow local laws, and foreign investment is limited in some zones.

Are there any share capital requirements for specific organizations?

Requirements might vary depending on the type of company and free zone used. For example, in Dubai basic capital ranges from AED 1000 to AED 300,000

How do I open a corporate bank account for my company in Dubai?

To open a business bank account in Dubai IntelliumLaw requires the following documents from you:

  • Valid Trade License
  • Certificate of Incorporation
  • Share Certificates
  • Passport Copies.

InteliumLaw will help open bank accounts for investors. In most cases personal visit to the bank is needed.

Do I need a physical office to start a business in Dubai?

For certain type of businesses, it is possible to start without a full-scale office. Flexi desks, virtual offices, co-working spaces are available depending on the type of the company.  

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