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International Corporate Structuring

International structuring is of great importance for any business, both already functioning and planning to enter the international market. The correct organization of the legal structure and rational tax planning is the initial and basic guarantee of successful business development in the future.

Given the current global trends, among the rest of the automatic exchange, counteracting the erosion of the tax base, the shift of profits, and other measures to combat tax evasion, the competent structuring of business in world markets becomes even more important.

The support of professionals in this area will be of great importance for the adaptation of businesses to various innovations, ensuring their continuous operation and protecting interests in the new realities.

The most optimal solution is to entrust the planning to a specialized law firm.

Key factors

International structuring is an extensive set of legal processes. All of them contribute to protecting business assets, minimizing legal and tax risks, using the most rational ways in the field of taxation, and solving other tasks set by the client.

The necessary solutions are developed using legally acceptable mechanisms and tools. Specialists use the available tools in such a way as to ensure the maximum effectiveness of the measures taken to protect and optimize the business of clients.

A full international structuring in most cases consists of the following steps:


A number of positive factors influence the demand for the services of our lawyers. Our specialists have significant experience in international planning, they know the practical features and all the possible difficulties that may arise in this area.

Inteliumlaw constantly monitors current trends, planned transformations and innovations in the field of international taxation.

Thanks to the accumulated experience and monitoring of upcoming changes in this area, we work proactively for our clients and develop structures for businesses that are most adapted to modern conditions.

Our offer

Our specialists provide full support for the process of international corporate structuring. Inteliumlaw provides a wide range of services in this area.

Specialists conduct preliminary consultations on optimizing the structure of groups of companies.

At the request of our client, we prepare legal opinions on the peculiarities of the work of jurisdictions and taxation in certain countries.

Our company develops optimal business structures according to customer requests. We take into account the peculiarities of the business and the priorities set.

We also analyze the current structures of groups of companies and their restructuring.

Inteliumlaw provides full legal support for the implementation of the developed business structure, as well as the inclusion of individual companies in the group structure.

In addition, our client can receive a complete implementation of the international business structuring project with professional support at every stage – from consulting to the full implementation of the project.

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International Corporate Structuring

International Structuring

International structuring is of great importance for any business, both already functioning and planning to enter the international market. The correct organization of the legal

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The accumulated experience and tracking of future changes in this area allow us to be proactive
for our clients and develop the most adapted business structures to modern conditions.

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