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Benefits of Anjouan Gaming License

The Anjouan gaming licence, issued by the Autonomous Island of Anjouan, part of the Union of Comoros, offers several benefits for online gaming businesses. Here are some key advantages:

Low Cost

The cost of obtaining and maintaining an Anjouan gaming license is generally lower compared to many other jurisdictions. This makes it an attractive option for startups and smaller enterprises.

Tax Benefits

Anjouan offers favorable tax conditions for licensed gaming companies. The zero tax rates can significantly reduce the operational costs for these businesses.

Simplified Legal Requirements

The process of obtaining a gaming license in Anjouan is relatively straightforward and less cumbersome. The regulatory requirements are simpler, making it easier for businesses to comply.

Privacy Protection

Anjouan has strong privacy laws, which can be beneficial for businesses and their clients, offering a degree of confidentiality that might not be available in other jurisdictions.

Global Operation

A license from Anjouan allows companies to operate globally, with some exceptions. This international scope can be a significant advantage for businesses looking to reach a wide audience.

No Gaming Tax

Unlike some jurisdictions, Anjouan does not impose a gaming tax on its licensees, which can lead to substantial savings.

Supportive Regulatory Environment

The Anjouan government is known to be supportive of the online gaming industry, providing a stable and supportive environment for businesses.

Universal license

An Anjouan gaming licence provides comprehensive coverage for various online gambling activities. This includes the operation of online casinos, sports betting platforms, lottery games, and popular table games such as poker, blackjack, and baccarat. The license broadly covers most games of chance with few exceptions. Additionally, this license caters to both business-to-consumer (B2C) and business-to-business (B2B) models. It's versatile enough for operators running online casinos directly for players, as well as those looking to license a casino platform for other businesses.

It's important to note that while there are benefits, companies should also be aware of the legal and regulatory implications of operating under an Anjouan gaming licence, especially considering the varied and sometimes strict gaming regulations in different countries. Compliance with international gaming laws and maintaining a good reputation should be a priority for any gaming business.

Comparison of the Anjouana Gambling License with other jurisdictions

Comparing the gambling license in Anjouan with those from other jurisdictions like Curacao and Malta can provide a clearer understanding of their differences, particularly in terms of reputation, cost, and regulatory requirements:

1. Reputation and Credibility:

2. Cost and Taxation:

3. Regulatory Requirements and Compliance:

4. Scope of Activities and Global Reach:

5. Target Markets:

InteliumLaw Services for Anjouan Gaming License

1. Initial Preliminary Advice: Via this advice, we will help you understand whether gambling license in Anjouan will suit your business needs

2. Turnkey License Obtaining: We provide guidance through the entire process of applying for the Anjouan gaming license, including incorporation of a company, and preparation and submission of necessary documents.

3. Regulatory Compliance Advice: We can provide expert advice on meeting the regulatory requirements of the Anjouan gaming authority, ensuring the business remains compliant with local laws and international standards.

4. Corporate Structuring and Incorporation: We provide assistance with setting up the appropriate corporate structure covering Anjouan licensed company and other companies if needed.

5. Banking and Payment Solutions: We are able to advise you on banking and payment processing options in Anjouan, including setting up merchant accounts and ensuring compliance with financial regulations.

6. Ongoing Legal Support: InteliumLaw can provide ongoing legal support to address any issues related to the gaming license, including renewals, compliance updates, and changes in legislation.

7. Tax Planning and Advice: Our services include guidance on tax planning strategies to optimize the financial benefits of operating under an Anjouan gaming license.

Requirements for the Anjouan Gaming License

Before being granted an Anjouan gaming licence, authorities require detailed personal and financial information. This includes your identity, business intentions, residence, financial status, and more. A comprehensive background check is also necessary to verify your good moral standing.

Among other, the following documents are required (the list below covers shareholders, directors and the new company itself):

You will also have to sign certain application forms which we will prepare based on the provided documents.

Process of obtaining the Anjouan Gambling License

The process of obtaining an Anjouan gambling license involves several steps, designed to ensure compliance with regulatory standards and the suitability of the applicant to operate a gambling business. Here's a general outline of the process:

1. Eligibility Assessment and Initial Advice

The first step involves assessing whether your business meets the basic eligibility criteria for obtaining a gambling license in Anjouan.

2. Gathering Necessary Documentation

Applicants need to prepare and gather various documents, including personal identification, proof of funds, business plans, and details of the gambling operations. This documentation will be used to assess the applicant's suitability and preparedness for running a gambling operation.

3. Company creation

If you don’t have a company, you will need to incorporate one in Anjouan or in other country.

4. Application Submission

The next step is to formally submit the application along with all the required documentation to the Anjouan gambling license authority. This submission includes details about the company, its owners, and its operational plans.

5. Background Checks and Due Diligence

After submitting the application, the Anjouan authorities conduct background checks. This includes verifying the applicant's identity, financial background, and criminal record. They also assess the applicant's capability to run a gambling operation responsibly.

6. License Approval and Issuance

Once the authorities are satisfied with the due diligence, compliance checks, and the application in general, they approve the license. The applicant then receives the license, allowing them to legally operate an online gambling business under Anjouan's jurisdiction.

Anjouan Gaming License Cost and Fees

The expense of acquiring an Anjouan gambling license is influenced by various factors such availability of a suitable company (or the necessity to incorporate a new one in Anjouan), quantity of shareholders and directors, etc.

The cost of obtaining an Anjouan gambling license and setting up the appropriate business structure can range from 17,000 to ca. 30,000 EUR, depending on your specific needs and circumstances.

Overview of Anjouan's legal framework for online gaming

Gambling businesses in Anjouan are governed by several key pieces of legislation, including:

Of these, The Betting and Gaming Act of 2005 plays a crucial role in regulating online gambling activities like casinos, sports betting, video gaming, lotteries, and bingo. This act outlines the requirements for obtaining and maintaining a gambling license, including adherence to anti-money laundering protocols, responsible gambling practices, and ensuring fair play.

The regulatory framework in Anjouan is stringent, focusing on comprehensive licensing and compliance standards. This ensures that operators not only adhere to principles of integrity, competence, and security, but also uphold fairness and protect players. Key measures like Know-Your-Customer (KYC) policies, responsible gaming practices, and fair play procedures are rigorously enforced.

This regulatory environment is designed to both attract international gambling businesses and foster their growth, while simultaneously safeguarding players and vulnerable individuals. It is characterized by transparency, responsiveness, dynamism, efficiency, and compliance with international regulatory norms.

Why Choose InteliumLaw

Expertise in Anjouan Gambling Laws

We have specialized knowledge of Anjouan's specific legal landscape regarding online gambling. This expertise ensures accurate guidance through the complex legal and regulatory requirements.

Experience with the Licensing Process

We have a history of successfully guiding clients through the licensing process in Anjouan.

Comprehensive Services

We offer a full suite of services, including application assistance, legal and regulatory compliance advice, corporate structuring, and ongoing support post-licensing.

Global Compliance Knowledge

Beyond local laws, we understand international gaming regulations and compliance, ensuring that the client’s business model is sustainable and compliant on a global scale.

Client-Centric Approach

We offer tailored advice and solutions while being responsive and communicative,

No hidden cost

With Inteliumlaw, you will have a comprehensive understanding of when and how much you will have to pay to complete the licensing procedure in Anjouan.

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What is an Anjouan gaming license?

An Anjouan gaming license is an official permit issued by the Autonomous Island of Anjouan, part of the Union of Comoros, allowing companies to legally operate online gaming and gambling businesses

What is the duration of a gambling license?

An Anjouan gaming license is initially granted for one year and is subject to renewal annually.

How long does the process of obtaining an Anjouan gaming license take?

Depending on the circumstances, it could take from 4 to 8 weeks.

Do I need to have a physical office in Anjouan to get a license?

No, physical office is not needed.

Can a license be obtained without a bank account?

Yes, but you will have to open a bank account to operate an online gambling business (of course, if you plan to work with fiat currencies).

Can InteliumLaw assist with other aspects of starting a gaming business?

Yes, InteliumLaw can assist with other aspects such helo with opening merchant or bank accounts, compliance advice, drafting different policies and agreements etc.

Does InteliumLaw help with opening bank accounts and payment solutions?

Yes, InteliumLaw can help you with opening bank accounts and establishing payment solutions for your online gambling business.

Can the gaming license be renewed or extended through InteliumLaw?

Can the gaming license be renewed or extended through InteliumLaw?

Can InteliumLaw assist with licensing in other jurisdictions?

Yes, our firm can help with licensing in other jurisdictions such as Curacao, Isle of Man, Malta, Estonia, Kanhawake etc.

Is it necessary to open a company in Anjouan to obtain a gambling license in Anjouan?

In general - no, you do not need to open a company, particularly in Anjoaun. However, some company is needed. If you already have a company somewhere, please let us know and we will advise you if that company will fit for a license in Anjouan. If you do not have a company, we will give advice on possible jurisdictions for the company’s incorporation before starting licensing. 

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