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Effective international structuring is crucial for any business. Our team specializes in crafting tax-efficient structures for international operations. We ensure compliance with local regulations while maximizing your global market potential. We provide comprehensive business legal services to assist in structuring your international operations. 

Gaming Licenses

Our legal services for business include expert support for online gambling businesses. We consult on the incorporation and maintenance of such businesses. Our lawyers help structure gambling activities in a legal and compliant manner. We offer specialized business law services for the gambling industry


Navigating the legal landscape is crucialIn in dynamic world of blockchain and cryptocurrencies.  Our blockchain legal services cover everything from initial coin offerings (ICOs) to regulatory compliance. We ensure businesses in this innovative space remain legal and competitive. We provide expert legal business support for blockchain and cryptocurrency businesses


This service involves international corporate advisory services. We help to select the right jurisdiction for your business incorporation. We recognize that every entrepreneur’s main goal is business development and growth. The key to this has always been increasing sales. We help businesses identify the optimal international jurisdiction for their operations. In the process we ensure legal compliance and a seamless establishment of overseas entities. Our services include legal services for business expansion abroad.


InteliumLaw has a well-established network of foreign banks. Also, we cooperate with non-banking financial institutions, and payment aggregators across the world. We specialize in assisting businesses in opening bank and merchant accounts. We select options that align with business needs and adhere to international banking regulations. Our business lawyer services are dedicated to assisting you in this process. Our business lawyer services are dedicated to assisting you in this process


Legislation is in constant flux. New concepts are introduced, existing norms are revised, and outdated ones are removed. Our legal experts stay informed about these changes. We ensure your business transactions remain legal sound and optimized for your goals. We use our expertise to advise businesses on favorable and rational ways of obtaining ownership of assets. We consult on acquisition of real estate, separate projects, as well as intra-group and external financing. We offer tax and legal consulting services to help you navigate these changes.


Legislation governs many aspects of business. Therefore, it’s crucial that a company’s activities are compliant. Our tax and legal consulting services cover a wide range of areas. We aims to ensure your business operates in full compliance with local and international laws. We help you minimizing risks and optimizing your tax position. We provide expert legal service business for comprehensive compliance


All business activities must comply with current legislation. It’s challenging to navigate all processes without proper legal business support. Our ongoing legal services for business ensure your business remains legally sound. It adapts to changing regulations, and resolves any legal issues that may arise. We are your constant legal partners. We are available to address your business legal help needs promptly and effectively

Tax and legal audit of the project / organization

Despite the common stereotype, tax accounting and bookkeeping are very different. Therefore, many firms have problems during inspections by regulatory authorities.