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Curacao gaming license – general overview

Curacao operates as an integral country within the Kingdom of the Netherlands, maintaining a civil law system heavily influenced by Dutch laws and standards. Its online gambling license, compliant with national laws, is a popular choice for startups due to its accessible regulatory thresholds and cost-efficiency.

However, it's essential to stay updated with imminent regulatory shifts. Curacao's government is currently revising its gambling laws, encompassing online gaming, to meet global standards and combat unauthorized gambling activities. This revision entails the creation of the Curacao Gaming Authority, an independent supervisory entity, and an overhaul of existing licensing classifications. These updated rules are anticipated to be enacted by the conclusion of 2023 or in 2024.

Curacao gambling license – history, current state and anticipated changes

Curacao online gambling license – how it was recently?

Prior to the commencement of the regulatory changes, licensing framework In Curacao was designed as follows.

Curacao gambling licenses came in two forms: the master license and the sub-license. Holders of the master license have the authority to both offer a broad range of gambling services and bestow sub-licenses to others private companies. The license issuance is governed by the National Ordinance on Offshore Games of Hazard (Landsverordening buitengaatse hazardspelen, P.B. 1993, no. 63) (NOOGH). The sub-license allowed its holders to engage in a comprehensive suite of gambling activities, encompassing sports betting, slot machines, table games, and RNG-centric games. Its validity extends as long as the linked master license remains valid.

There were, and currently are, four master license holders, who, since 1996, have received the government's authorization to grant licenses:

While all Curacao sublicenses are similar, the business implications are consistent regardless of your choice. Each of these master licensing entities maintains distinct policies, specific regulations, Anti-Money Laundering (AML) norms, and Know Your Customer (KYC) procedures during application assessments.

One licensing authority might necessitate additional paperwork and a virtual interview, while another could grant approval with just the conventional set of documents.

In addition, price of license obtaining can vary significantly between different master licensors.

The current state of Curacao's online gambling license

It shall be stressed out that Curacao online gambling license regulation is in the process of transition now.

The Curaçao government is actively working towards a comprehensive overhaul and update of its (online) gambling regulations, with a forthcoming law titled the National Gambling Ordinance (LOK). As this new legislation awaits implementation, the Minister of Finance of Curaçao has opted to continue granting licenses under the existing framework, known as the National Ordinance on Offshore Games of Hazard (NOOGH). This move by the Minister of Finance aims to establish a transitional structure, facilitating a seamless shift from the current legislation to the updated one.

However, one significant change in compare to the previous framework that the online gambling license under the existing framework can be issued directly by Curacao Gambling Control Board (GCB) and not by four master licenses as it was before. As of November 15, 2023, the GCB shall be accepting and processing online gaming license applications from operators that wish to acquire an online gaming license directly from GCB.

It is important to mention that once new licensing regime under LOK comes into effect, operators which hold license directly from GCB will be automatically transitioned to the new license

What about existing licenses issued by the four master licenses prior to the changes? The operators operating under existing master licenses may continue their operations as is. However, they might need to complete the registration process with the GCB in order to keep existing sub-license effective and the GCB shall issue clarification on the process soon.

In formal terms, four master licenses can continue to issue sub-licenses during this transition period that is effective until the enactment of new gambling legislation.

To sum up, as of the Autumn 2023, there two options of obtaining online gambling license in Curacao:

Contact Inteliumlaw in order to receive the most up-to-date information on this matter and check available options.

Future of Curacao egaming license

The pivotal element of the regulatory overhaul is the National Gambling Ordinance, known as LOK. This has been presented to the country's Advisory Council and is now progressing to Parliament for review. The aim of the LOK Gaming License is to supplant the prevailing structure of primary and sub-licenses. In the current system, only four main licensees possess the power to award sub-licenses to operators.

While the LOK encompasses regulations for all gambling activities in Curacao, the government's primary attention will be on online gaming. To establish a continuous and stable regulatory framework, the LOK mandates the creation of the Curacao Gaming Authority (CGA), a self-governing regulatory entity. The CGA's responsibility extends beyond just deterrence; it also includes addressing and reducing any illicit or undesirable activities related to gambling.

Benefits of gaming Curacao license

Please kindly note that the below benefits are linked to the existing licensing regime.

Drawbacks of Curacao online gaming license

The Curacao gambling license is often chosen for its cost-effectiveness and streamlined application process. However, it does come with certain drawbacks. Here's a list:

Establishing a New Gambling Business in Curacao: A Step-by-Step Guide

Regardless of whether you plan to move on with obtaining the license with GCB of one of the master licensors, the process in general includes the following steps.

1. Initial pre-check of the project applying for the license

On this stage, our company in cooperation with the regulator (either master licensor or GCB) will perform initial pre-check of the information about the future online gambling projects and its owners. We must ensure that the client has good reputation, was not involved in the illegal activity and possess transparent source of funds and wealth in order to run gambling business.

Timeline: up to 1 week.

2. Incorporation of a company in Curacao

For those eyeing a Curacao gaming license, the further step is to establish a legal entity within this jurisdiction. The optimal type of legal entity for such a license hinge on several criteria including operational scale, governance framework, protection against liability, tax implications, and regulatory mandates.

The company can be either the Public Limited Liability Company (N.V.) or the Private Limited Liability Company (B.V.).

Some important requirements about Curacao company that need to be considered:

Timeline: up to 2 weeks.

3. License obtaining

Once you have registered Curacao company, license application can be submitted.

Once you establish a company in Curacao, the licensing process can span from 2 to 6 weeks, assuming you've presented a comprehensive application with all necessary documents. The objective of the application procedure goes beyond just reviewing the submitted information and materials. It's vital for the authorities to discern if applicants truly grasp the essence of responsible gaming and are genuinely committed to safeguarding players in accordance with the relevant laws. Although the process is more streamlined compared to other places, understanding the specific regulations can still be intricate. Hence, it's wise to engage professional guidance throughout the application journey, including the company formation phase. Our skilled legal experts stand ready to offer tailored advice and assistance.

Timeline: up to 6 weeks

4. Incorporation a Cyprus payment agent company

For Curacao online gambling companies, establishing a payment agent company in Cyprus can be a strategic move.

Why is it even necessary to establish additional company in the structure?

Over time, offshore companies in Curacao have faced challenges in accepting online payments due to increased regulatory oversight and their classification as 'high risk'. The capacity of any operation to accept payments is restricted in certain jurisdictions. Many payment service providers halt card transactions from regions demanding a local license. Since you must process payments on your site for users to access services, having a payment processing agent is crucial. This agent is a vital part of the structure, facilitating payments for the online gaming platform and charging a fee for tax compliance. An optimal jurisdiction for incorporating a processing agent should have a low tax rate and access to multiple credit-card payment providers. With Curacao entities finding it increasingly challenging to secure bank or merchant accounts in Europe, a structure that includes the Curacao company (licensed for online gaming) and a payment processing agent (ideally an EU-Cyprus company) is a robust solution for seamless operations.

It not only streamlines payment processes but also enhances the company's reputation in the eyes of partners and players.

Timeline: up to 3 weeks (the process can be started after incorporation of the Curacao company).

5. Opening bank/EMI accounts

Once you have a licensed Curacao company with Cyprus payment agent, you can apply for opening accounts with banks or electronic money institutions.

Timeline: up to 3 weeks for each account.

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Curacao gambling license cost

Acquiring a gambling license in Curacao is often seen as a cost-effective option when compared to some other jurisdictions.

In general, you will need at least EUR 17,000 as the minimum amount in order to commence the licensing procedure. At that, upon issuance of the license, you will have to separately pay the license fee directly to the issuing entity.

It should be stressed that the pricing for the particular client depends on the specific circumstances.

If you want to receive a fee quote tailored to your particular case, please contact us and we will schedule a call to discuss your needs and prepare a detailed offer!

What reasons can lead to the rejection of license application of Curacao casino license?

Several factors can lead to the rejection of an application for a Curacao gambling license. These include:


Is it possible to operate online gambling business at all?

Operating an online gambling business without a proper gambling license is illegal in most jurisdictions. Doing so can lead to severe legal consequences, including criminal charges, fines, and the seizure of assets. Additionally, operating without a license undermines the credibility and trustworthiness of the business, making it difficult to establish partnerships with software providers, payment processors, and advertisers.

Players are also unlikely to trust an unlicensed platform, leading to low patronage.

Moreover, unlicensed operations can face difficulties in banking and financial transactions. Many banks and financial institutions do not process transactions for unlicensed gambling activities due to regulatory and compliance risks. It's important to obtain the necessary licenses from the relevant authorities before starting an online gambling business. Licensing not only ensures legal compliance but also establishes the legitimacy of the business, promoting trust among players and stakeholders.

What is Curacao gaming license?

A Curacao online gambling license is a permit issued by the Government of Curacao (or entities authorized by the Government of Curacao) that allows businesses to legally operate online gambling platforms. It's one of the most popular licenses due to its cost-effectiveness and relatively straightforward application process.

Why is Curacao a popular jurisdiction for online gambling licenses?

Curacao is popular due to its favorable tax laws, political stability, and established reputation in the online gaming industry. The licensing process is also faster and less rigorous compared to other jurisdictions.

Is it possible to receive Curacao gambling license without a local Curacao company?

No, it is not possible to receive a Curacao online gambling license without having a local Curacao company. One of the fundamental requirements for obtaining a Curacao gambling license is the incorporation of a company within Curacao. This means that applicants must establish a legal entity in Curacao as part of the licensing process. The requirement to have a local company is in place to ensure that the licensed operations are subject to Curacao's legal and regulatory framework. This local presence also facilitates regulatory oversight, tax compliance, and adherence to anti-money laundering (AML) and other relevant laws. Therefore, any entity seeking to obtain an online gambling license from Curacao must first meet the requirement of incorporating a company in Curacao.

What types of online gambling activities are covered by the Curacao license?

The Curacao gambling license covers a wide range of online gambling activities including online casinos, sports betting, lottery, bingo, and eSports.

How exactly does the Curacao gambling license function?

Curacao online gambling license functions as an offshore license – with it, you will be able to operate worldwide, except for the markets restricted by Curacao license itself and market which are regulated on the local level.

Is the licensing process time-consuming?

To some extent – yes. It is realistic to complete the whole process within 2 months, however the process might be delayed due to different factors (such as choice of master licensor, quality of the project and application, number of shareholders etc.). Of course, you should not believe service providers who promise to have the license ready within just a few weeks.

Is it possible to secure a license without having a bank account?

You can receive Curacao gambling license without having a bank account; however, you will need this for your further operations as a gambling operator.

Are there any restrictions on where a Curacao licensed operator can offer their services?

While a Curacao license allows for global operation, license holders are not permitted to offer services to countries that (i) directly prohibited by Curacao license conditions (such as USA, Netherlands, France, United Kingdom, Australia, Spain, Dutch West Indies, Aruba, Bonaire, Saba, Statia, Dutch St Martin and Curacao) or (ii) have strict regulations against online gambling or have their own licensing regimes.

What amount of initial share capital is required for a company to be eligible for a gambling license in Curacao?

There is no stipulated minimum capital requirement in Curacao for companies applying for a gambling license. Nonetheless, possessing adequate financial resources to effectively manage the proposed gambling activities is crucial for fulfilling the licensing conditions

What is the typical duration of a gambling license in Curacao?

In general, Curacao online gambling license has a duration of 1 year. Upon expiration of this term, the license is subject to annual renewal.

Currently, effective licenses from any one of the four master licensors are effective until their own master licenses are in force – presumably, until the enactment of new legislation.

Can individuals who are not residents of Curacao own gambling companies in the region?

Yes, anyone can own Curacao gambling company, except for sanctioned individuals or individual with questionable personal background/origin.

What tax obligations does a Curacao company with a gambling license have?

Some time ago, Curacao has shifted from to the territorial system of taxation where only local income is taxed. Under this system, a part of Curacao company's profit to be taxed at 22% tax rate shall be calculated based on the ratio between local direct cost and foreign cost. Considering that most probably Curacao online gambling operators will have a little of local cost (like annual license fees) and only foreign income – the effective tax rate will be as low as possible.

What is the cost of obtaining and maintaining a Curacao gambling license?

You will need at least EUR 17,000 as the minimum amount in order to commence the licensing procedure. At that, upon issuance of the license, you will have to separately pay the license fee directly to the issuing entity. As to the maintenance cost, it will depend on many factors. 

Please contact us in order to receive a tailored offer with all prices.

What is the annual license fee for a gambling company in Curacao?

In case you plan to receive license from one of the master license holders, it would cost from EUR 10,000 to EUR 13,200.

If you plan to go on directly with Curacao Gaming Control Board, then the price would be much higher – up to EUR 50,000 annually.

Of course, except for cost the license, you need to consider other expenses.

Can online gambling operator with a Curacao gaming license receive bets in crypto?

Yes, an online gambling operator with a Curacao online gambling license can receive bets in cryptocurrency. Curacao is known for its progressive stance on digital currencies, and its licensing framework allows for the use of cryptocurrencies such as Bitcoin in online gambling operations. However, operators are expected to adhere to all applicable laws, including anti-money laundering (AML) and know your customer (KYC) regulations.

Why does licensed Curacao online gambling business need Cyprus payment agent company in the structure?

The use of a Cyprus payment agent company in the structure of a licensed Curacao online gambling business is not a mandatory requirement. However, many online gambling operators choose to include such entities in their business structure for several strategic reasons such as access to the payment processing infrastructure, establishing normal relationships with banks and tax optimization.

Can a Curacao licensed gambling site be considered safe and fair?

While Curacao licensed sites are required to meet certain standards, the level of regulatory oversight is generally considered less stringent than some other jurisdictions. Players should conduct due diligence and read reviews before engaging with any online gambling site.

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Estonia Gaming License

Estonia stands at the forefront of technological innovation, and its approach to gambling regulation is no exception. The country’s forward-thinking legal framework combines innovation with a robust commitment to player protection. To offer gambling in Estonia, a legal entity should be trustworthy and obtain both an activity license and an operating permit. State supervision is exercised by the Estonian Tax and Customs Board. The Estonian licensing process is renowned for its efficiency. With a streamlined application procedure, you can swiftly obtain your gambling license (from 2 to 6 months), minimizing unnecessary delays and allowing you to focus on what matters most – the success of your online gambling venture. An estonia online gambling license not only opens doors to the vibrant Estonian market but also enhances your global reputation, instilling confidence in players and partners alike. Our experienced legal team specializes in crafting bespoke solutions tailored to your unique business needs. Whether you are a start-up or an established operator, we ensure that your Estonia Gambling License aligns seamlessly with your strategic objectives. Our team of experts provides comprehensive support at every stage of the licensing process, from initial consultation to ongoing compliance management. Advantages of Estonia for gambling business – Efficient Licensing Process Estonian Gambling License is recognized as a strategic move for market expansion due to its streamlined and quick licensing process, facilitating a prompt entry into the industry. – International Service Provisions Holders of the Estonia online gambling license enjoy the advantage of offering gambling services in other jurisdictions, subject to certain limitations. This feature enhances the market reach of operators, fostering international business opportunities. – Diverse Payment Options Estonian licensed operators benefit from a range of payment options, providing flexibility to meet the preferences of users. Estonia embraces technological advancements in the gambling sector by allowing the use of cryptocurrencies. This forward-looking approach aligns with the evolving landscape of digital currencies, providing operators with contemporary financial avenues. – Foreign Applicant Eligibility Entities based outside Estonia, particularly within the European Union, can seamlessly apply for an Estonian gambling license. This inclusive approach to applicant eligibility broadens the scope for international businesses to thrive within the Estonian gambling landscape. – Flexible Server Location The requirement for server location is not confined to Estonia, providing operational flexibility for gambling and data protection purposes. To meet licensing criteria, the foreign territory must fulfill either of two conditions under the Gambling Act, ensuring a practical approach to server management. – Estonia’s Tax Advantages Estonian legislation creates an environment where both players and online casinos thrive without the burden of excessive taxation. Players can revel in the spoils of their online casino victories tax-free. This unique feature implies that a legal entity with estonia casino license has the privilege of retaining 100% of its winnings without the encumbrance of tax obligations. Corporate income tax rates for online casinos are not merely reduced; they are strategically structured to foster financial prosperity. Types of gambling licenses in Estonia To offer gambling in Estonia, a legal entity should obtain both an activity license and an operating permit. Estonian legislation provides four distinct types of gambling activity licenses, each tethered to specific gaming domains. A single entity has the flexibility to hold multiple licenses, reflecting the diverse gaming portfolio they may wish to offer. – Games of Chance This license allows to provide chance-based games, where fate takes the reins, dictating the outcome through a delicate interplay of chance, unfold in the realm of either mechanical or electronic devices, or under the watchful orchestration of the game’s organizer. State fee for Estonia casino license amounts to EUR 47,940.00. The state fee is payable once. A license is issued within 4 (four) months upon the submission of all required documents and information. However, the final decision shall not extend beyond 6 (six) months from the date of the initial application for the activity license. – Games of Skills This license allows to provide games of skills, where the outcome relies chiefly on the physical dexterity, abilities, or knowledge of the player. State fee for an activity license allowing to organize games of skills amounts to EUR 3,200.00. The state fee is payable once. A license is issued within 4 (four) months upon the submission of all required documents and information. However, the final decision shall not extend beyond 6 (six) months from the date of the initial application for the activity license. – Totalizers and Betting This license allows to provide totalizers and betting, where the outcome hinges on the occurrence or non-occurrence of an event, where player predictions are beyond the control of the gambling operator. Victory is contingent upon the accuracy of the bet, with the prize amount tethered to both the initial bet and the pre-established winning coefficient (for betting), or a percentage calculated from the total bets, the accuracy of other participants’ bets, and the respective amounts wagered. State fee for an activity license allowing to organize a toto (betting) amounts to EUR 31,960.00. The state fee is payable once. A license is issued within 4 (four) months upon the submission of all required documents and information. However, the final decision shall not extend beyond 6 (six) months from the date of the initial application for the activity license. – Lotteries This license allows to provide lotteries, where the prize pool comprise a substantial 80 percent of the ticket circulation’s selling price. The game’s destiny is restrained, revealing itself no more than thrice within a 24-hour span or through the unveiling of the ticket field on the lottery ticket. State fee for an activity license allowing to organize lotteries amounts to EUR 640.00. The state fee is payable once. InteliumLaw services for Gambling License in Estonia Our services related to the assistance with receiving Estonia gambling license usually include: Assistance with registering a company eligible to apply for Estonia online gambling license (if requested). Representing an applying company in communication with the Estonia Tax and Customs Board issuing an activity license and

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Gibraltar Gambling License

Gambling is the one of the most efficient source for business owners to generate hefty profits, as people love to bet on their fate to make money. But, some countries prohibit gambling in their region, and some charge heavy taxes, so it becomes difficult for business owners to choose the right place to operate gambling. Gibraltar gambling license gives an opportunity to such business owner to perform their business effectively. Well, there are multiple causes that make this region an ideal choice for the gambling business, such as well-developed business infrastructure, flexible framework, competitive tax rate, smooth Gibraltar gaming licence process, and many more. These factors attract a lot of gambling companies to establish their businesses in this region. Benefits Of Choosing Gibraltar For Your Gaming Business In general, investors invest their money in the companies after analyzing their growth; likewise, companies choose the region based on the country’s economy for their establishment or expansion. Gibraltar is a home for offshore companies because of its healthy business environment, flexible gambling framework, and low taxation compared to other countries. Even some of the prominent offshore gambling companies have chosen Gibraltar for licensing jurisdiction. So, it clearly reflects that Gibraltar is a paradise for the gambling business, and if you also want to set a foundation stone for your gaming firm in this region, then you must be aware of the benefits that you will get from this region. Gibraltar is a well-developed country that offers world-class business facilities and flexible gaming regulations. In addition, the tax levied by the government of this region is lower than that of other countries. For instance, gambling companies that fall under jurisdiction of some European countries have to pay 20% of their net gambling receipt, whereas in Gibraltar, the gambling tax rate is only 0.15%. Moreover, the companies associated with gambling are exempted from the VAT, and thus, they can make more profits. The Gibraltar Gambling Commission is the apex body that regulates gambling activities and focuses on high-quality standards to create a competitive gaming market hub. In addition, the GGC looks into the matter of the companies that are seeking Gibraltar gaming licenses and also provides ample services to gaming companies so that they can operate the business smoothly. Advantages Of Obtaining A Gibraltar Gambling License To run a business successfully, a company needs a market, flexible regulations, a low tax rate, and support from the respective authority. Gibraltar fulfills all of these, and that’s why gambling companies opt for this region. In addition, there are several advantages to obtaining a Gibraltar Gambling licence, which is provided below. Low Tax Rate Gambling is a sector where money flows like water, and the concerned companies make a huge profit. Considering the gambling market, the governments of various countries levy heavy taxes against gambling to generate revenue. However, the case in Gibraltar is different, as the government focuses more on providing ample services to companies so that they can flourish. The growth of such companies will attract a lot of investors to this region and boost the economy. The tax rate of gambling in Gibraltar is very low compared to other countries, and only 0.15% is charged against revenue receipts. However, companies have to pay general corporate tax as well as annual license fees, depending on the type of gambling they do. For instance, if you want to set up a gambling company whose nature is to assist the existing gambling companies, i.e., B2B, then you will have to pay £ 85,000 annually as a license fee. But if you are directly dealing with customers, i.e., B2C, then such a fee will be £ 100,000 yearly. Prestigious Jurisdiction Every business owner wants the growth of their companies, and for that, the market is very important. Some create demand, whereas others utilize the created market to enhance their business. Gibraltar is a hub of gambling companies, which shows the potential of a market. So, doing business in this jurisdiction is a matter of prestige as you gain the loyalty of the customers after getting the Gibraltar gambling license. The people of this region believe in GGC, and the apex regulatory body keeps an eye on fair and responsible gambling. So, getting a license from this body means you have won a half battle towards the successful journey of your business. Types Of Gibraltar Gambling License Available Getting a gambling license from the government means you are authorized to do business in this region. But you know that gambling is a matter of money, so the GGC ensures that the firm is capable of handling the gambling business and has a proven track record in this field. In addition, GGC also checks whether a firm is involved in a legal dispute or not; if yes, then it would be a big hurdle for them in getting a Gibraltar gambling license. Now, moving back to the topic, the types of Gibraltar gambling license depend on the nature of gambling, i.e., B2B and B2C. If you are planning to get a Gibraltar gambling license for B2B, then you will be authorized to offer gambling services to respective companies, whereas if you apply for a B2C gambling license, then you can execute gambling activities for people. So, overall, there are six types of gambling licenses available in Gibraltar, and they are provided below. Remote Gaming B2C Operator (applicable for online casinos) Remote Betting B2C Operator (suitable for online bookmakers and organizations) Other Remote B2C Gambling Product Provider Non-remote B2C Gaming Operator (applicable for brick-and-mortar casinos) Non-remote B2C Betting Operator (applicable for physical casinos bookmakers, and lotteries) Gambling B2B Support Service Provider (applicable for gaming software and developers) Overview Of Gambling Regulations In Gibraltar Gambling regulations are the prime instrument that helps to regulate gambling activities in Gibraltar. Knowing these regulations will help you run your business smoothly in this region, and for that reason, the detailed regulations are listed below. Gibraltar Gambling Act 2005 Gibraltar Gambling Act describes betting, gaming

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Malta Gaming License

Benefits of a Malta gambling license A Maltese gaming license offers several benefits for businesses in the gaming industry. Here are some key advantages: Reputation Malta is one of the first jurisdictions to offer legal frameworks for online gaming. A Malta casino license is highly respected and recognized globally, enhancing the credibility of a gaming business. Regulatory Framework Malta has a well-established regulatory framework, providing clear guidelines and regulations for online gaming operators and providers. This ensures a fair and transparent gaming environment, which is beneficial for both operators and players. Tax Benefits and onshore status Malta offers attractive tax incentives for the businesses. The corporate tax rate is competitive, and there are various tax relief options available, making it a financially advantageous location for online gaming businesses. Since joining the European Union in 2004, Malta-based companies are fully compliant with EU regulations, making them ideal for conducting international business. This EU membership assures businesses of operating within a highly regulated and stable framework, offering a secure environment for commercial activities contrary to the offshore options. For more information about taxation in Malta please our article about Malta company formation here. EU Membership Since Malta is a member of the European Union, obtaining a gaming license in Malta allows operators to access the European market, subject to compliance with local regulations in other EU countries. Technical Infrastructure Malta has a robust IT infrastructure, which is crucial for the online gaming industry. This includes high-quality telecommunications facilities and data centers, ensuring reliable and efficient operations. Skilled Workforce Malta has a pool of skilled professionals in the IT, legal, and financial sectors, providing a strong support system for gaming companies. Player Trust A Malta casino license is often seen as a mark of trust and reliability by players, which can help in attracting and retaining a customer base. Networking Opportunities Malta’s growing gaming industry provides numerous networking opportunities with other gaming companies, suppliers, and service providers (such as EMI, banking providers etc). Robust Economic Environment A thriving business ecosystem necessitates a robust and reliable economic environment. Malta has demonstrated a consistent commitment to growth by increasing its Gross Domestic Product (GDP), lowering unemployment rates, and effectively managing inflation. These factors underscore Malta’s dedication to sustained and stable economic development. Advanced Responsible Gaming Measures and AML rules The Malta Gaming Authority (or MGA) prioritizes promoting responsible gaming and protecting player rights. The goal is to create a gaming environment that is safe, secure, and sustainable, minimizing the potential for gambling-related issues or harm. This objective is a collective responsibility of the player, the gaming operator, and the MGA. In addition, the MGA diligently ensures that gaming licenses are granted or renewed only to applicants who demonstrate robust policies and systems to mitigate Money Laundering/Financing of Terrorism (ML/FT) risks. The applicants and their involved personnel must also meet stringent criteria for integrity and suitability. Why Choose Malta for Gaming Licensing? Malta stands out as a prime choice for online gaming licensing due to its pioneering role in establishing legal frameworks for the industry. This reputation is underpinned by the Malta Gaming Authority’s rigorous standards, which ensure fair and transparent gaming operations. The country’s strong regulatory environment not only boosts the confidence of businesses and players but also emphasizes Malta’s global recognition in the gaming sector. The country’s economic advantages are equally compelling. Malta offers a stable economy with competitive corporate tax rates, making it financially attractive for gaming companies. Moreover, being a member of the European Union allows access to a broader market, presenting significant expansion opportunities for gaming businesses. Additionally, Malta’s robust technological infrastructure and skilled workforce are critical assets. The presence of advanced telecommunications and data centers ensures efficient and reliable gaming operations. The availability of professionals in IT, legal, and financial sectors provides essential support, further enhancing Malta’s attractiveness as a hub for online gaming companies. Disadvantages of Malta Gambling License Although Malta is a brilliant choice for the license obtaining in the field of iGaming, there are several disadvantages of a Malta iGaming license: Complex Application Process Obtaining the license involves a detailed and lengthy application process. High License Fees And Associated Costs The fees for an Malta Gaming Authority license are generally higher compared to other jurisdictions. In addition, fees for the maintenance of the licensed company can cost very much. Option for mature gambling businesses Obtaining a Malta casino license is particularly challenging for newcomers in the industry, as the process typically requires substantial prior experience in gaming operations. The Malta Gaming Authority’s stringent requirements and thorough vetting process favor applicants with a proven track record in managing gaming activities and complying with regulatory standards. This can make it difficult for entrepreneurs new to the gaming sector to successfully acquire a license. Types of Malta Gaming License Malta offers a comprehensive and structured approach to online gaming licenses through the Malta Gaming Authority. These licenses are categorized to cover various aspects of the online gaming industry, ensuring that companies can select a license type that best suits their specific business model and services. Malta offers two main types of gaming licenses. The Gaming Service License (B2C) The Gaming Service License is for business-to-consumer operations, covering various types of games including casino games, lotteries, and sports betting. At that, this type of license include several subcategories: Type 1: This includes games of chance where outcomes are generated by random number generators, like casino-type games (roulette, blackjack, etc.), lotteries, and virtual sports. Type 2: These are games where outcomes, not randomly generated, depend on external events or competitions, with the operator managing risk through odds liked fixed-odds sportbetting. Type 3: Involves games where the operator earns through commissions or charges on player vs. player games like peer-to-peer poker, bingo, and betting exchanges. Type 4: Covers controlled skill games as defined by specific regulations, with fantasy sports as an example. The Critical Gaming Supply License (B2B) The Critical Gaming Supply License is for business-to-business services, focusing on the supply and

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