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Estonia could be a favorable solution to register a company for different industries. However, the most popular one here is an IT sphere.

Thus, we will consider the process of Estonian company registration from the perspective of its use for IT business.

Registration of an IT company in Estonia is an expedient solution for those who have decided to work seriously in this field. This country ranks second in the world in terms of the number of well-known startups created there. Among the most famous projects is the well-known Skype. Approximately 10% of residents work in the IT sphere. Estonia offers all conditions for the efficient and rapid development of IT technologies.

Benefits of registering a company in Estonia

The country is making every effort to attract businesses related to IT technologies. A special e-Residency program has been created for starting a business. In Estonia you can find really good IT specialists. Since the country’s own population is not so large, personnel are attracted from all over the world with the help of profitable offers.

Estonia is a member of the European Union, which guarantees freedom of travel and business trips to other countries. The country applies a special system of taxation with a tax on distribution of profit. The company pays taxes only at the profit distribution at the rate of 20% with certain options for reducing the rate. Such a mechanism of taxation can be convenient and beneficial for certain business concepts.

In addition, the owner does not have to personally enter the country to register the company. Registering a company in Estonia remotely is a common procedure. All these factors are really favorable to open a company in Estonia.

Step-by-step instructions for registering a company in Estonia

It is more convenient and reliable to order a company registration service in Estonia from specialists. Thus, all bureaucratic moments will be taken over by professionals.

Kind of activity

Estonia encourages a lot development of technological products. Such ideas are fully supported by the state through the grant programs. Service companies are not so supported by the state. But with the right approach, they can bring a stable income as well. The following areas are considered the most promising:

Collection of information

For beginners who have ideas for startups, Startup Estonia platform might be helpful. With this platform, you can:

Legal form of companies for non-residents

The most convenient form for registering a company in Estonia for a non-resident is considered to be a private company with limited liability. It gives the owner several advantages at once. The authorized capital is small, only 2500 euros.It could be contributed in few installments. In addition, you can manage the company remotely, being in another country.

The following legal forms are also available for registering a company in Estonia:


As in any country, you need to come up with a name for the company and register it in the Register Center. However, it is worth considering that in addition to the standard conditions in Estonia, a number of requirements apply to the name of the company:

Registration in the Register

If you know the nuances of paperwork, registration takes from up to 3 hours. The authorized capital at this stage is not mandatory.

Documents for registering a company in Estonia

All documents must be notarized. For registration you will need:

You also need to have a certificate of payment of the authorized capital and payment of the fee. They are issued at the bank when transferring funds.

Office or legal address

A physical office can be rented anywhere in the country or you can get a legal address from an address provider.

Bank account

If you do not plan to work directly on the Estonian market, you can open an account in any other country. Otherwise, it will be more convenient to open an account in one of the local banks. To do this, you need to provide evidence of physical presence in the country (a contract for renting an office, hiring employees, working with clients).


This step is optional. It is quite possible to manage a company while living in another country. Those who want to live in Estonia will be able to apply for a job in their own company. On this basis, a work permit, visa and residence permit should be issued.

What you need to register a company in Estonia

To register, it is enough to submit the necessary documents, open a bank account and deposit the authorized capital.

How to check company registration in Estonia

On the state portal Center for Registers and Information Systems, you can get information about all commercial organizations in the country. In addition, data on companies registered in the EU countries are available there.

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