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Africa is growing rapidly since the availability of high-speed internet connections in even rural areas. Due to this, many companies are showing interest in investing in online gaming in Africa. Many African countries have legalised online gambling and incorporated their own gaming laws for their economic growth.


You can contact the Betting and Licensing Board Kenya, the Gaming Board of Tanzania, etc., to get a license in these African countries. Here, we will explore licensing, prices, and legality to get involved in Africa’s online gambling markets.

Africa Gaming Market Analysis

The Africa gaming market is expected to generate more than $2 billion in 2024, and the CAGR is estimated at 9.43 % for the 2024-2029 period. The market of gaming in Africa is reaching a broader audience base, and both local and foreign operators are available in this region.

According to the United Nations, the number of young people in Africa is rising. Many players are getting involved in gaming in Africa to have fun from betting. Also, countries like South Africa, Nigeria, and Tanzania are providing gambling licences to operate freely in the region. Let’s analyse Africa’s gaming market in a bit more detail.

Closed Markets

Many African countries have prohibited gambling in their countries, especially Muslim-majority countries. Some countries like Egypt, Morocco, and Tunisia allow land-based gambling in certain hotels. However, only foreigners are allowed to participate in online gaming in Africa in these countries, not the local players.

Tunisia runs state-owned sports betting to support local communities. Also, Morocco and Egypt do not regulate online gambling, which means foreign operators can enter the market, but they cannot get a valid license.

Markets Lacking Regulatory Oversight

Some countries lack regulatory oversight in online gaming in Africa, which poses several risks. Somalia and Sudan are examples of countries that lack regulatory oversight. If you operate online gambling in these markets, you may face problems in payments. Also, you cannot take legal action because there are no relevant authorities.

Markets Offering Licenses

Certain countries offer licenses for operating online gaming in Africa, however they do not regulate it properly. Also, you may have to pay different amounts depending on whether you are a local or foreign operator. For example, the gambling license cost in Kenya is around 460,000 KSH for local applicants and 910,000 KSH for foreign applicants.

Uganda and Zambia are also examples of countries that offer land-based gambling licences and do not regulate online gambling. However, the Betting and Licensing Board Kenya offers the same license to both online and offline gambling operators. Even though these countries do not regulate online gambling, you should get a license to avoid legal issues and make profits from your investment.

There are also countries which provides full-fledged online gambling licenses such as Nigeria, South Africa and Tanzania.

In Which Country Can You Obtain A License For Online Gambling?

Several African countries, such as Nigeria, South Africa, and Tanzania, offer valid licenses for online gambling. If you follow the process and pay the required fees, you can obtain a license for online gaming in Africa. The charges include application fees, license grant fees, investigation fees, etc. Let’s take a detailed overview of how to get a gambling license in South Africa, Nigeria, and Tanzania.

Nigeria Gambling License

Nigeria is a wonderful country and provides the utmost infrastructure for running a gambling business. You can obtain a Nigeria gambling license from the National Lottery Regulation Commission (NLRC) and the Lagos State Lotteries and Gaming Authority (LSLGA). You can also get a license in different categories, such as casino games, sports betting, poker, etc.

To obtain a license for online gaming in Africa, you must submit your application with the required documents and a fee of 2,000,000 Naira to the NLRC. If you want to operate online gambling from outside Nigeria, you can get a remote permit.

Online Gambling Licensing In South Africa

South Africa allows online sports betting, and it is an awesome place for operators. You can get your South African online gambling license from the Western Cape Gambling and Racing Board (WCGRB). You have to submit the required documents and an application fee to get a bookmaker license. Also, you have to follow the betting laws when you get an online gambling license South Africa to renew the license after specified validity.  

Online Gambling Licensing In Tanzania

Tanzania is also a great country to operate online gaming in Africa. The Gaming Board Of Tanzania (GBT) provides licenses for online gambling, whether it is for casinos or sportsbooks. Also, you have to make an investment in Tanzania in order to get an online gambling licence.

The minimum investment amount for a local company is $300,000 and a foreign company is $500,000. Moreover, the application fee for online casinos is TZS 1,000,000, and for online sports betting, it is TZS 500,000. Additionally, you have to pay a 25% income tax from the revenue of your online gambling.

What Assistance Does InteliumLaw Offer?

InteliumLaw offers legal solutions for operating your business in different countries. Understanding the different rules in different countries can be challenging for you. You can consult experts from InteliumLaw to get specific solutions to meet your requirements. It can help you get a valid license in countries that regulate online gaming in Africa.

It can also help you comply with the rules of the local government. It can also provide you with tax consultation services according to local or international laws. You can get a valid license and operate online gambling in Africa without any hassle with the assistance of InteliumLaw.


African countries that offer online gambling licensing are Nigeria, South Africa, Tanzania. Uganda, Kenya etc.

The key considerations for obtaining online gambling licensing in Nigeria, South Africa, and Tanzania are reaching out to the relevant authorities and paying application fees and yearly fees.

InteliumLaw offers valuable services in unregulated gaming markets, such as business law services, bank and merchant account opening, expert consultation, and more.

Operating in unregulated gaming markets is associated with several risks, such as lack of protection, risk of theft, legal actions, penalties, and payment issues.

Nigeria, South Africa, and Tanzania are the key players in the African gaming market.

  • The African gaming market is expanding rapidly and is expected to generate revenue of around $2 billion in 2024.

The Betting and Licensing Board Kenya provides licences, incorporates laws, collects taxes, and prevents illegal betting practices within Kenya online gambling market.


Where is Gambling Illegal?

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