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Who is a lawyer?

Lawyer is a Latin word. It means “to call for help”. The first lawyers, or rather orators who defended people, appeared during the time of the ancient Romans. They had stronACg oratorical skills and the ability to convey their thoughts to others. They were not paid for their work, but they had popularity and general recognition.

For the first time, the term “lawyer” in the current sense of this word began to be used in the 18th century.

Today, in general a lawyer is a person who has a higher legal education, the right to practice law and who is practising law.

How to choose the right lawyer?

Since the lawyer is needed when the disputes or other issues appears, the choice of such a specialist should be made very responsibly and carefully. It is not recommended to make a hasty choice based solely on publicly available information.

An experienced lawyer can even during the first meeting gain the client’s trust, and the client may decide do not look for another specialist. Correct and convincing speech is a guarantee that the necessary information will be conveyed clearly and competently from a legal point of view when defending client’s interests.

First, meet with your potential lawyer personally, because a telephone conversation will not allow you to get a full impression of a specialist. There should be a relationship of trust and mutual understanding between the client and the lawyer. Only in this case you can expect a positive result.

If during the first meeting the lawyer instilled trust in you, descrive him what your problem is. Provide him with all the details without hiding anything. Then listen to his response:

  • the lawyer should explain you in details the future process;
  • the lawyer should propose a solution  for the situation and explain the potential difficulties;
  • the lawyer should also tell you about similar cases and court practice in such cases;
  • the lawyer should explain the sequence of his actions;
  • the lawyer should explain how to move forward and what documents to collect;
  • the lawyer should provide you with the expected time frame for solving the issue

What do the ratings show?

It worths to review the rating and reviews of the chosen lawyer. If there is not much information about the specialist on the Internet, on the one hand, it might raise doubts. On the other hand, this may indicate that the career of this lawyer is just starting or the lawyer does not need to promote his services.

You could address the question about the ratings and experience to your lawyer directly, and then consider the information provided by him.

If a lawyer is not within the rating lists, this does not mean he is unprofessional. Many competent specialists are just starting their careers or simply do not have time to submit relevant applications.

If your lawyer is not in the ratings, his services may be cheaper and more accessible but at the same professional level or even better than from the lawyers in the ratings.

When might you have doubts?

You need to leave the lawyer’s office in the following cases:

  1. If he has not yet had time to familiarize himself with the case materials, but already promises you 100% positive result. Nobody can guarantee this result. In addition, there can always be an unforeseen situation.
  2. He recommends illegal actions, such as giving bribes. This is a criminal responsibility that no one needs.
  3. The service cost is too high. There are many competent lawyers, although not so famous, but cheaper.
  4. The service cost is too low.


In order not to look for a reliable lawyer for a long time, you can contact IntelliumLaw. Only the best lawyers and tax consultants work here. They provide services to both individuals and companies.

Our specialists provide full legal support:

  • consultations, including in the field of corporate law, real estate, investments, and taxation;
  • formalization of partnership relationships, structuring of business and separate transactions;
  • registration of foreign companies and their maintenance;
  • support of IT businesses, cryptobusinesses, gambling, e-commerce, etc.

Intellium Law specialists do their best to get your desired result.


What is the cost of services?

The final price depends on a number of factors, including the details of the case and the complexity of the problem, the availability of documents, and much more. Please contact us to receive a fee quote for your particular case.

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